“We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul"  Heb. 6:19a

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I know, O Lord, that a man's life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps.  Jer. 10:23

Goal of Preaching 


Luke 24:13-35 Burning Desires, Burning Hearts (Ethan Christofferson) 
Matthew 28:1-10 The Easter Earthquake!  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
John 12:12-19 Here comes your King!  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
John 11:1-45 He stayed ... that we might BELIEVE  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
John 4:5-26 LIVING Water  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
John 3:1-17 BORN AGAIN from above (manuscript)  (mobile) 
Matthew 4:1-11 ONE SUCCEEDS for one who fails  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
Matthew 5:38-48 LOVING your enemies  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
Matthew 5:13-20 Salt and Light that POINT TO GOD  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
Matthew 5:1-12 Blessed are those WHO DEPEND ON GOD  (manuscript)  (mobile) 
Luke 21:5-26 WATCH OUT that you're not Deceived!  (manuscript)   (mobile) 
Luke 20:27-40 What will HEAVEN be like?  (manuscript)   (mobile) 
Luke 19:1-10 to Seek and Save the Lost  (manuscript)   (mobile) 
John 8:31-36 "If you Abide in My Word"  (manuscript)   (mobile) 
Luke 18:9-14 Looking away from self and toward JESUS  (manuscript) 





Messages by Pastor Jim Rademaker unless otherwise noted

                                          Hope Lutheran Brethren Church, 2011