“We have this HOPE as an anchor for the soul"  Heb. 6:19a


Pastor's Corner
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Morning Prayer
Letter to a Soldier  (WORD
Citizenship     Christian Citizenship      
God has a University
Uncomfortable Religion
Glorified in our Dependence
How to be a Great Theologian  (WORD
The Law & The Gospel    Balancing Law & Gospel
A Theology of Glory vs. a Theology of the Cross  (WORD
Cross-Shaped Theology
Telling time by way of Christ   (diagram)  
I Heard Myself Saved    Patience in the Gospel 
The New Liberals
The 3 Stages of Error
A Modern Reformation
The Business of Making Saints 
10 Reasons to under-program your Church
Why I Don't Train Leaders in Malinta, Ohio
Leadership and Church Size Dynamics 

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.     Romans 12:21


The Divinity of Jesus
What is your Worldview?  (WORD
The Biblical Meta-Narrative
Christless Christianity  (PDF chapt.1)   
God at Work (the book)   Doing What You Can
Dignity and Depravity
Two Kingdoms  Living in Two Kingdoms  Diagram  Good, Bad, Ugly
What is True Spirituality?
Spiritually Strangled to Death
My Biggest Regret
All Crossed Up 
Form Overwhelms Content
When God Attacks Your Theology  (WORD
Reminders are more effective than Rebukes
Three Kinds of Men
Grace is Sufficient
Rats in the Cellar
Sanctification   Growing in Christ   Church Discipline
Moralistic Therapeutic Deism
Where to look when you're in trouble
Up and Out, not In
Good News for Anxious Christians   interview 1   interview 2
Is Your Church Too Cool?
And the Wall Fell Down Flat
Faith Defined
The Flower of the Old Testament  (WORD) 
BAPTISM:  outline  Scriptures  Infants   reasons  baptism & faith 
"Once Saved Always Saved"?  (WORD
Predestination     Election - a Lutheran Perspective
Theology of Evangelism
Christianity & Islam ... core beliefs
A Christian Manifesto   (WORD
Statement on Sexuality
The Unbearable Wrongness of Roe   Why your friends are pro-choice
Freemasons  (summary)
What about Halloween?   Halloween - a short history
How to deal with the Devil    Spiritual Warfare
Possession or Suggestion?


Our faith is still very weak and cold.  If our faith were as strong and steady as it should be, we would practically die from sheer joy!    Luther


                            Pastor's Corner


                            Hope Lutheran Brethren Church, 2011